Five Dimensions of Human Resources in Improving Productivity

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Five Dimensions of Human Resources in Improving Productivity - If we observe a chariot pulled by three horses who pony tail, there is an intriguing question, "the speed of the carriage, which is determined by a horse? Do reply at the earliest, middle, or a horse who is the fastest?" It was the most interesting is the fact that the speed of the carriage is determined by the slowest horse, however considering that the rapid two other horses, if there is one horse who is slow, then speed the pace of the train will be delayed as a whole.

Above analogy describes a work of team members to achieve peak performance is needed the team's overall good teamwork. To mencapaik above conditions, there are several things that can be used as reference parameters required to achieve that goal. There are at least five parameters, include the following:

1. Sufficient Number of People

Do you have an elbow in the number of human resources and capacity to run a corporation
If not the question is: do you have a mechanism of recruitment of human resources who match with your goals and strategies
If you have, but there are still problems, the question is whether this mechanism is supported by corporate resources?

2. The Skilled People

Are you skilled human resources (efficient and effective) in carrying out the tasks assigned to him?
If not, or not, the question is: whether you are provided with the development of human resources capacity in order to work with skilled?
If you have, but not skilled, the question is: if your training is correct as it is needed, both in type and amount (dose-often we provide training "overdois")

3. The Innovative People:

Are your people able to see the future, and capable of the creation of products and corporate liaison officer working for the future?
If not, the question is: if you already have a knowledge-based people, or just sklilled people (especially muscle-based) people?
If you have not, The question is whether you've recruited a knowledgeable human resources, or you have provided the knowledge necessary to become knowledge-based people?

4. Well Rewarded People:

Do your people get the material and spiritual well-being enough of the corporation, in return for their professional contributions?
If not, the question is whether you already have a system and utilization of human resources strategy that ensures a balance between rights and obligations?
If you have, but not yet walking, pertanyaannnya is whether your system and effective strategies, both in concept and implementation?

5. Alligned People (Synergize)

Are all the teams that you have been able to synergize (alligned people)? If not the question is whether each member of your team can work together closely? Does each team member to each other mutual respect or even self-effacing and drop the others? Are your team members are proud of the organization, department, division, or agency?
If not the next question: if you already have a strategy for synergizing your members? Baiak with current team members or team members need a replacement?

Good luck building a productive team!

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