Domination Gmail Email Service To The Business

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Domination Gmail Email Service To The Business - Google's email service, Gmail, has now become the most popular email service for enterprises. It was at the same time narrow the competition between Google and Microsoft so that other email providers do not have a chance to win the place of Gmail and Microsoft. At least that's the latest report from market research institute Gartner.

According to analysts from Gartner, a web-based service control 3% - 4% of business email market as a whole. On the scope that is small enough that Gmail is an email service that managed to become rulers. Google's dominance is in the range of 1% but Gmail successfully controlled almost half of the user's email service for businesses.

Matthew Cain said that businesses and the company has passed a long time to be able to use email the most right service. With the Gmail these companies has made email the most dominant supplier.

Cain explained that during the past five years Google has sold businesses and Gmail to Gmail has been developed to be an alternative to Microsoft Exchange Online and web-hosted another email system.

Google continues to deliver new features and make policies for Gmail. For example, in January Gmail to get email authentication so administrators have the ability to lock access to email for a specific user.

There is also a 'two-step verification' that provide security services to log into Gmail. Offline access has also been able to be used with HTML 5. In edition Google has also released tools that can back up Gmail messages from Microsoft Exchange to help the companies that use the Gmail service to migrate from Exchange to Google Apps.

Seeing how quickly the development of Gmail, Microsoft is certainly not standing still. Microsoft said it will soon release new features for cloud version of Exchange before the feature is attributed to the traditional version.

Analysts Cain reveals that the competition between Google and Microsoft in terms of email service for enterprises that will strengthen both companies. It also will allow Google and Microsoft to prove their ability in addressing the needs of the company will mail a quality cloud services.
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Five Dimensions of Human Resources in Improving Productivity

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Five Dimensions of Human Resources in Improving Productivity - If we observe a chariot pulled by three horses who pony tail, there is an intriguing question, "the speed of the carriage, which is determined by a horse? Do reply at the earliest, middle, or a horse who is the fastest?" It was the most interesting is the fact that the speed of the carriage is determined by the slowest horse, however considering that the rapid two other horses, if there is one horse who is slow, then speed the pace of the train will be delayed as a whole.

Above analogy describes a work of team members to achieve peak performance is needed the team's overall good teamwork. To mencapaik above conditions, there are several things that can be used as reference parameters required to achieve that goal. There are at least five parameters, include the following:

1. Sufficient Number of People

Do you have an elbow in the number of human resources and capacity to run a corporation
If not the question is: do you have a mechanism of recruitment of human resources who match with your goals and strategies
If you have, but there are still problems, the question is whether this mechanism is supported by corporate resources?

2. The Skilled People

Are you skilled human resources (efficient and effective) in carrying out the tasks assigned to him?
If not, or not, the question is: whether you are provided with the development of human resources capacity in order to work with skilled?
If you have, but not skilled, the question is: if your training is correct as it is needed, both in type and amount (dose-often we provide training "overdois")

3. The Innovative People:

Are your people able to see the future, and capable of the creation of products and corporate liaison officer working for the future?
If not, the question is: if you already have a knowledge-based people, or just sklilled people (especially muscle-based) people?
If you have not, The question is whether you've recruited a knowledgeable human resources, or you have provided the knowledge necessary to become knowledge-based people?

4. Well Rewarded People:

Do your people get the material and spiritual well-being enough of the corporation, in return for their professional contributions?
If not, the question is whether you already have a system and utilization of human resources strategy that ensures a balance between rights and obligations?
If you have, but not yet walking, pertanyaannnya is whether your system and effective strategies, both in concept and implementation?

5. Alligned People (Synergize)

Are all the teams that you have been able to synergize (alligned people)? If not the question is whether each member of your team can work together closely? Does each team member to each other mutual respect or even self-effacing and drop the others? Are your team members are proud of the organization, department, division, or agency?
If not the next question: if you already have a strategy for synergizing your members? Baiak with current team members or team members need a replacement?

Good luck building a productive team!
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Ronald McDonald : Icon Marketing Most Influential

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Ronald McDonald : Icon Marketing Most Influential - Since its introduction in 1963, Ronald was one of the most iconic and influential ambassador for marketing in the United States. Clown who wore a yellow shirt and had red hair has even crossed the world along with the expansion of business done by a company that is McDonald's.

Ronald himself was introduced by Oscar Goldstein, one of the franchiser of hamburger restaurants in Washington, using the local agency there. Then the clown has finally become an icon that is used officially in all branches of McDonald's worldwide. Figure has bewitched millions of children in the world to be a fan of McDonald's. Ronald is the most effective commercial character who makes a McDonalds fast food restaurant in the world. "He does not sell McDonald's, he was the McDonald's itself", said an executive of McDonald's. That is why Ronald does not have to be a messenger for McDonald's. The role was performed by the singers, models and stars like Jason Timberlake ad, which became an ambassador of McDonald's. In order not to be alone, Ronald then given new friends like the Hamburglar, Birdie, Grimace.

Ronald's face is so familiar in the United States so that a bold study concluded that 96% of children in the United States certainly knew Ronald's face. Proximity to the world of children was remarkable. There are stories circulating that there was once a little boy who had finally regained consciousness after the coma was accompanied by a clown Ronald. Research in many countries, including also in China do show that in addition to funny, Ronald has a friendly character.

Because the character's, the McDonald's later immortalize his name became a contributor to humanitarian organizations and agencies that fund called the Ronald McDonald Foundation. The institute created a lot of House of Charity in many countries. With the humanitarian activities carried out, Ronald tried to eliminate the negative impression cast by the bearer of anti-globalization, which puts Ronald as ambassadors of the country who bring a new colonialism to developing countries.
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