Ronald McDonald : Icon Marketing Most Influential

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Ronald McDonald : Icon Marketing Most Influential - Since its introduction in 1963, Ronald was one of the most iconic and influential ambassador for marketing in the United States. Clown who wore a yellow shirt and had red hair has even crossed the world along with the expansion of business done by a company that is McDonald's.

Ronald himself was introduced by Oscar Goldstein, one of the franchiser of hamburger restaurants in Washington, using the local agency there. Then the clown has finally become an icon that is used officially in all branches of McDonald's worldwide. Figure has bewitched millions of children in the world to be a fan of McDonald's. Ronald is the most effective commercial character who makes a McDonalds fast food restaurant in the world. "He does not sell McDonald's, he was the McDonald's itself", said an executive of McDonald's. That is why Ronald does not have to be a messenger for McDonald's. The role was performed by the singers, models and stars like Jason Timberlake ad, which became an ambassador of McDonald's. In order not to be alone, Ronald then given new friends like the Hamburglar, Birdie, Grimace.

Ronald's face is so familiar in the United States so that a bold study concluded that 96% of children in the United States certainly knew Ronald's face. Proximity to the world of children was remarkable. There are stories circulating that there was once a little boy who had finally regained consciousness after the coma was accompanied by a clown Ronald. Research in many countries, including also in China do show that in addition to funny, Ronald has a friendly character.

Because the character's, the McDonald's later immortalize his name became a contributor to humanitarian organizations and agencies that fund called the Ronald McDonald Foundation. The institute created a lot of House of Charity in many countries. With the humanitarian activities carried out, Ronald tried to eliminate the negative impression cast by the bearer of anti-globalization, which puts Ronald as ambassadors of the country who bring a new colonialism to developing countries.

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