Domination Gmail Email Service To The Business

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Domination Gmail Email Service To The Business - Google's email service, Gmail, has now become the most popular email service for enterprises. It was at the same time narrow the competition between Google and Microsoft so that other email providers do not have a chance to win the place of Gmail and Microsoft. At least that's the latest report from market research institute Gartner.

According to analysts from Gartner, a web-based service control 3% - 4% of business email market as a whole. On the scope that is small enough that Gmail is an email service that managed to become rulers. Google's dominance is in the range of 1% but Gmail successfully controlled almost half of the user's email service for businesses.

Matthew Cain said that businesses and the company has passed a long time to be able to use email the most right service. With the Gmail these companies has made email the most dominant supplier.

Cain explained that during the past five years Google has sold businesses and Gmail to Gmail has been developed to be an alternative to Microsoft Exchange Online and web-hosted another email system.

Google continues to deliver new features and make policies for Gmail. For example, in January Gmail to get email authentication so administrators have the ability to lock access to email for a specific user.

There is also a 'two-step verification' that provide security services to log into Gmail. Offline access has also been able to be used with HTML 5. In edition Google has also released tools that can back up Gmail messages from Microsoft Exchange to help the companies that use the Gmail service to migrate from Exchange to Google Apps.

Seeing how quickly the development of Gmail, Microsoft is certainly not standing still. Microsoft said it will soon release new features for cloud version of Exchange before the feature is attributed to the traditional version.

Analysts Cain reveals that the competition between Google and Microsoft in terms of email service for enterprises that will strengthen both companies. It also will allow Google and Microsoft to prove their ability in addressing the needs of the company will mail a quality cloud services.

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